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NEW Teacher Workshops 28th and 29th March 2020 featuring 

Katharine Jemmett, Hilal Leigh and Paul Howse

On the 28th and 29th March 2020, Pilates Esher will be hosting a fantastic weekend of teacher workshops taught by Paul Howse, Katharine Jemmett and Hilal Leigh. This weekend continues our series of bringing world class teacher trainers to Esher to deliver informative and creative workshops to enhance your teaching practice. 

Paul, Katharine and Hilal will be teaching a workshop each on both the Saturday and Sunday. The full programme of workshops can be found below, followed by all the details you need to book your space.

Saturday 28th March 2020

Paul Howse

Matwork and the Kinetic Chains of the Body


In this session you will look at the bodies kinetic chain.

Matwork is very often broken down into singular joint movements but not always put back together. 
The body does not work in this way but as a whole integrating system.

You will explore basic movements and what happens in this chain when you follow along giving much more movement potential.

Be prepared to move!

Hilal Leigh

All About the Barre


Technique, Form and a Master Class

Join for a Real Sweat with Hilal Leigh

BarreConcept is a body sculpting method of exercise which combines the core strength, control and precision of Pilates with the positon, moves, grace and technique of ballet, the alignment of Yoga and the strength from sports conditioning.

Whether you are an Instructor or a practitioner, you will discover so many different ways of creating Barre flows.

Katharine Jemmett

Hands on Cueing for Effective Teaching


With over 20 years hands-on experience of teaching the Classical Pilates Matwork Repertoire, alongside a busy Sports & Remedial Bodywork Practice, Katharine shares how touch can help you & your clients find a deeper connection within the Classical Work.


Where words can create confusion, a simple & accurate hand placement or tactile cue can transform both the understanding & aim of the movement.


Katharine will select 3 Classical Pilates exercises to help you to work hands-on with one another, to build confidence, & integrate this invaluable tool within your own practice.


Practical, informative, & fun!! 

Sunday 29th March 2020

Katharine Jemmett

A Powerhouse Focused Magic Circle


Come & join Katharine as she helps you to connect further with Joseph Pilates number one tool, the Magic Circle.


This ingenious aid will not fail to help you engage your core & get you moving from the inside out.


Katharine will take you through some of the Powerhouse Classics where the Magic Circle comes into its own to enable you to find your Centre, & build with Length & Strength.


A fun, informative & practical Workshop to deepen your connection & move well.

Hilal Leigh

Matwork with Fascial Focus


Find the Freedom in your Movement and Mobility for the Entire Body


Learn the tools to incorporate new fascial research concepts within the body of Pilates exercises.

Whether you are an Instructor or a Pilates practitioner, this workshop will spark creativity in your practice and/or programming.

Paul Howse

Classical Pilates with a Twist!


In this workshop you will be led through the full classical rep but with a twist.

Paul will give you his take on the entire repertoire and whether this could be adapted to fit the modern era.
How functional is the original sequence??

This will leave you thinking!

Hilal Leigh 1 .jpg

Hilal Leigh

Hilal Leigh is a Certified Stott Pilates Instructor (Mat & Reformer) based in the UK.

She is also a qualified Zen.Ga Instructor and a certified BarreConcept Teacher.

Hilal is passionate everything about movement and is a big believer in continuous learning.

She likes to add new skills to her teaching by taking new trainings on Shoulder Complex, Knee Joint, and specific topics like Pilates for Scoliosis Management.

Katharine Jemmett 1.jpg

Katharine Jemmett

Classical Pilates Instructor & International Presenter Katharine Jemmett has been teaching Pilates & good movement for over 20 years.


With a background in Sports Therapy & Remedial Bodywork, her focus is to use the tools gained in both disciplines to help people of all ages & all levels to move well.


The Pilates Powerhouse is fundamental to her teaching, & how this can be applied to day to day movement & to access the Classical Pilates Matwork Repertoire.


Katharine runs workshops in the UK & Internationally, including her monthly Classical Pilates Strip-Back Series for Instructors, & presents as part of the Instructor Team with Zayna Gold (Master Instructor, Balanced Body Education), at the annual ‘It’s A Pilates Party’ Conference in Boston USA.


In 2018 she launched her first eBook ‘Discover Your Pilates Powerhouse’, which sets out the Foundation of Pilates & its application to day to day movement.


Katharine is living proof that Pilates can be practised anywhere & integrated into all your movement; all you need is a mind & a body & the desire to connect the two.


For further information about Katharine & the way in which she works, please see links below or view her daily instagram posts @ksjbodycontrol:


Paul Howse

Paul is co-director of Pilates Esher and has been teaching for over 15 years. He trained with Body Control Pilates in 2003 and then went on to train with equipment and opened his first studio in Surrey teaching both mat work and one to one sessions. 

In 2010 Paul began working for Body Control Pilates as a course tutor delivering both mat work and equipment training to students and qualified teachers. Paul is a supervising teacher for Body Control Pilates and is now part of the Level 4 tutor team, the highest level qualification in the UK.


 Paul believes that to have the perfect functioning body all joints need to move through their full available range and he works hard with clients to achieve this.


Paul loves sport and has spent the last 10 years running marathons, cycling sportives, open water swimming as well as many other disciplines. In 2012 he completed his first ironman event. He has helped many athletes achieve their and also has a passion for injury rehabilitation. 


Paul is very passionate about his job and loves working with a wide variety of clients whether that may be a student on their way to becoming a teacher an athlete trying to achieve their goals, clients with specific injuries or illnesses or someone who just wants a good workout.

Further Information

The workshops cost £195 per day, £175 as an early bird rate if booked and paid for before the end of February.  Only 12 spaces are available and will be filled on a first come, first served basis. 

To book your place please email

Cancellation Policy


Before 28th February- Full Refund

Between 1st March and 15th March - 50% Refund

After 16th March - No Refund

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