Reformer Classes

The Reformer is the most well known piece of Pilates Studio Equipment. It was created in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates and remains largely unchanged in terms of design and function today. It is a resistance based machine using springs, ropes and straps all connecting to a moving carriage. The springs allow for variable resistance that can be used to improve strength and control or provide support and assistance that allows you to make movements and positions that would otherwise be extremely difficult or impossible. The moving parts of the Reformer also help you to establish flowing, controlled movements challenging stability in one directions whilst providing stability in another. The Reformer is extremely versatile with a limitless number of exercises that can be performed on it. Exercises can be performed lying down, sitting, kneeling or standing. The ropes and straps are used for either the hands or the feet to enable you to pull or push yourself on the carriage against the resistance provided by the springs. The variable resistance provided by the springs can be changed to reflect individual ability and exercise objectives. 


Reformer Pilates adds another dimension to your Pilates practice which enhances the effectiveness of the mat work exercises. Reformer Pilates will strengthen, lengthen and tone the body as well as mobilising joints through their full range of movement. Plus the addition of jump board in some classes increases the cardio vascular workout. 

Reformer 1 classes are for Beginners. Here you will be shown how the Reformer works, and begin to understand how the machine can challenge and support you as you exercise. Classes will cover the basic Reformer exercises, giving an introduction to the machine as well as a full body workout.


Reformer 2 is our Intermediate level class. Here you will build on the principles you have learnt in Reformer 1, incorporating new and more difficult exercises as well as altering the resistance of the springs to increase the challenge of the exercises. Jump Board may be included in these classes.


Reformer 3 is our Advanced Reformer class. Here you can expect to work hard as you further build upon your Reformer practice and improve strength and quality of movement.

Reformer HIT classes incorporate Jump Board so as to give you a cardio vascular workout alongside the tough strengthening and lengthening exercise you will have come across in Reformer 2 and Reformer 3 classes. Be prepared to sweat!


All or Reformer classes have a maximum of 3 people ensuring you get lots of individual attention to ensure safety and maximum benefit from the exercises.

Reformer classes will be starting again on Monday 17th May 2021.

Mondays 9.30am - Reformer 2

Mondays 6.00pm - Reformer 2

Tuesdays 9.30am - Reformer 1

Tuesdays 10.45am - Reformer 1/2

Wednesdays 9.30am - Reformer 2

Fridays 9.30am - Reformer 2

Fridays 10.45am - Reformer 2