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Rebecca Clarke

Rebecca’s Pilates journey started when she was taking a break from her doctorial studies. She happened upon a great Classical Pilates studio in London. After only one session she fell totally love with the Pilates method and its ability to transform peoples’ bodies and movement patterns. Later on she trained to become a teacher at the very same studio and hasn’t looked back since.


Over the years Rebecca has worked with clients of all ages and abilities, from those with serious injuries to competing athletes. Pilates as a method provides so many varying rewards for those who practice regularly. Rebecca truly believes that Pilates is beneficial for everybody, no matter if your goal is injury rehabilitation or a complete body transformation.


Rebecca is a truly passionate instructor with a personal dedication to achieving noticeable results for her clients. She teaches both the Classical Matwork repertoire (Pilates on a mat) and on all Pilates studio equipment to maximize the Pilates rewards. Rebecca believes that Pilates should be fun but focused. In her classes expect to sweat, stretch and strengthen your way to a whole new body!

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