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NEW workshop dates announced with Nancy, Paul and Katharine

5th and 6th October 2019

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We are delighted to announce that Nancy, Katharine and Paul will be back to deliver another weekend of inspirational teacher workshops on the 5th and 6th October 2019! Following the success of their first combined Teachers Weekend in March, and due to popular demand, they are adding another 2019 date. Spaces are limited for this unique and intimate weekend with three inspirational and highly experienced teachers who have almost 100,000 Instagram followers between them. Early booking is recommended to secure your place.

Nancy Castiglioni

Incorporating props - Flows that work

Props can be added to your Mat class for a variety of reasons; to help connect the muscles involved in the move, to modify, intensify or assist in the same movements, for body awareness or for fun choreography.

Experience the opportunities props give you in this challenging, fun 3 hour workshop with Nancy.

About Nancy

Nancy Castiglioni

Pilates Instructor - International Presenter 

Nancy Castiglioni is an International Presenter who has taught workshops to instructors from South America to Boston and will be presenting again in Korea, Italy and Paraguay in the next few months. She is a Founding Presenter of "It's a Pilates Party" held in Boston every year. She has been featured on Pilates Style Magazine, Pilates TV and several other major instagram pages. She has been a ballet dancer and a gymnast and now shares her passion for Pilates through her instagram page and at studios in Panama, where she currently resides and around the world through her workshops. 

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Paul Howse 

The Classical Mat repertoire and its relation to everyday

Modern day is very different to that of one hundred years ago and as such bodies have changed and adapted to suit!!


In this three hour practical workshop Paul will be delivering a twist to the full classical repertoire!!

We will take each exercise in its original sequence and then relate them to today's client looking as to whether they may need some altering or even excluding from the rep.


You will alter, adapt, exclude or possibly  keep each exercise as you go giving you a more balanced routine for your clients needs!!


We will go through each exercise trying the original version and then look at how we can modify to better suit us.


This will be very hands on session and will certainly give you lots to think about !!

About Paul

Paul is co-director of Pilates Esher and has been teaching for over 15 years. He trained with Body Control Pilates in 2003 and then went on to train with equipment and opened his first studio in Surrey teaching both mat work and one to one sessions. 

In 2010 Paul began working for Body Control Pilates as a course tutor delivering both mat work and equipment training to students and qualified teachers. Paul is a supervising teacher for Body Control Pilates and is now part of the Level 4 tutor team, the highest level qualification in the UK.


 Paul believes that to have the perfect functioning body all joints need to move through their full available range and he works hard with clients to achieve this.


Paul loves sport and has spent the last 10 years running marathons, cycling sportives, open water swimming as well as many other disciplines. In 2012 he completed his first ironman event. He has helped many athletes achieve their and also has a passion for injury rehabilitation. 


Paul is very passionate about his job and loves working with a wide variety of clients whether that may be a student on their way to becoming a teacher an athlete trying to achieve their goals, clients with specific injuries or illnesses or someone who just wants a good workout.

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Katharine Jemmett 

Hands on cueing for effective teaching

With over 20 years hands-on experience of teaching the Classical Pilates Matwork Repertoire, alongside a busy Sports & Remedial Bodywork Practice, Katharine shares how touch can help you & your clients find a deeper connection within the Classical Work.

Where words can create confusion, a simple & accurate hand placement or tactile cue can transform both the understanding & aim of the movement.

Katharine will select 3 Classical Pilates exercises to help you to work hands-on with one another, to build confidence, & integrate this invaluable tool within your own practice.

Practical, informative, & fun!! 

Katharine Jemmett
Classical Pilates Instructor
Social Media: @ksjbodycontrol

About Katharine


Classical Pilates Instructor Katharine Jemmett has been teaching Pilates & good movement on a 1:1 basis for over 20 years. Her focus is to help people of all ages and all levels to move well, and Pilates is her tool. She now runs small group workshops both in the UK and Internationally, focusing on the Pilates Powerhouse and how this can be applied to day to day movement and to access the Classical Pilates Repertoire with a step by step approach.


In November she launched her first Pilates eBook ‘Discover Your Pilates Powerhouse’, which sets out the Foundation of Pilates, the Pilates Powerhouse, energy centre and support structure to a long strong body and a connected mind. Katharine is passionate about her work & loves to share her her own Classical practise and her experience of teaching pilates and good movement with both beginners and all levels of Pilates lovers worldwide.


For further information about Katharine and the way in which she works, please see links below:

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Further Information

The cost of the whole weekend is £495. The price for individual days is £295. Only 10 spaces are available and will be filled on a first come, first served basis. During the weekend there will be the opportunity to spend time with all three teachers including the option of a meal on Saturday evening (cost not included in the price of the weekend), where you can ask questions and spend time getting to know Nancy, Paul and Katharine.

To book your place on this unique workshop weekend please email

Weekend Schedule


Katharine's Workshop "Hands on cueing for effective teaching" 

Nancy's Workshop "Incorporating props - Flows that work"


Paul's Workshop "The classical mat repertoire and its relation to everyday"

Combined Workshop run by Nancy, Katharine and Paul "Pilates Mat Magic United"

Private 1:1 sessions

Nancy, Paul and Katharine will be available for private 1:1 sessions throughout the weekend. Please contact us on to enquire and book. 


If you are travelling from a distance and require accommodation for the weekend, please let us know and we can advise.


Cancellation Policy


Before 1st August 2019 - Full Refund

Between 2nd August and 15th August - 50% Refund

Between 16th August and 1st September - 25% Refund

After 2nd September - No Refund

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