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Teacher Workshops

Studio Owner, Paul Howse, has been training Pilates teachers for many years both in his own private practice and for Body Control Pilates. Paul's particular areas of interest are inspiring teachers with new and creative ways to increase their repertoire and using the latest anatomical research to assist teachers working with clients with a variety of physical considerations. At Pilates Esher, Paul runs teacher workshops throughout the year, and collaborates with other internationally respected teachers to bring creative and inspiring workshops for Pilates teachers from all across Europe. Previous teachers who have taught at Pilates Esher include Nancy Castigliani, Katharine Jemmett, Kristi from Gone Adventuring Pilates and Agi Falenta from Equitness. 


Sunday 24th April 2022

with Agi Equitness and Paul Howse

Full day workshop lead by Agi and Paul

Full day price is £200. Spaces are limited. To book please email

Workshop Descriptions:

Agi Equitness - Happier and More Functional Hips

Join Agi Falenta and find out how to ease off the hips, to release them and to rebond with your body again.


In this workshop you will learn how to:


- find relief, experience lightness and clean dense tissue around the hips using fascia stretch techniques,

- find proper alignment, improve posture and spotlight any muscle imbalances,

- create a secure framework, then find and re-establish body connection,

- reduce your limitations by increasing hip flexion and extension, and improving internal and external hip rotation, by the use of the Kinstretch® and PAILs/RAILs methods,

- find greater potential through improved range of the hips, 

- grow, explore and feel lighter than ever before.


Unfortunately in our modern life hip problems are very common. Why is that?

On one hand we are leading very stationary lives, on the other hand some of us are extremely adventurous and active. In the first case our hips are not strong so they are more prone to injuries. In the second case we over utilise the hips, perhaps to the extreme.


Agi has personal experience of hip problems that lead to the need for hip replacement surgery.  She can therefore demonstrate and confirm that the techniques and methods she will use in this workshop can help you achieve your goals.  


Agi will use the following combination of methods: Pilates, Functional Movement, Fascia Stretch, Kinstretch® System, plus her own knowledge and experience, which helped during her own hip replacement journey, and thereby assist you back to more functional hips.

Paul Howse - Pilates with the Band

The bands are an amazing and very transportable piece of equipment which can be easily used in a class environment for different reasons.


Firstly they can offer support, making some of the more challenging exercises accessible to our clients. Secondly, they can do the exact opposite and create more challenge giving exercises a new lease of life and our clients a stronger workout.


They do this by bringing the exercises into a closed chain environment very similar to working with studio equipment. They also help bring awareness and give feedback.


In this 3 hour practical workshop you will learn new exercises and variations of some old ones which you can use with your clients.

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