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Virginie Buckingham

Virginie is a Body Control Pilates mat teacher, she also teaches equipment and Springboard. She is a member of the Body Control Pilates Association.  Virginie is a contemporary, eclectic teacher who loves creating and trying out different exercises.Using the principles of Pilates she is passionate about exploring movement using various resouces such as functional range conditioning (FRC), primal movements, Yoga teachings, breathing techniques, balance training, standing work etc.  Virginie believes in teaching who she has in front of her rather than sticking to formula-type lesson plans, regardless of age, size, gender, level of fitness, strength, flexibility or ability.  Her style of teaching is inclusive, adapted and relaxing.  She is a dedicated student of Yoga and Buddhist meditation in her spare time and she strives to bring some of these elements in her teaching.  Virginie started Pilates when she was diagnosed as having osteoporosis.  She changed her lifestyle, her diet and got herself a dog to encourage her to walk every day.  Virginie believes that Pilates can heal and transform and she is a strong advocate and a testimony that the Pilates method works. 




Level 3 Matwork - Body Control Pilates

Active IQ Level 3 Diploma with the Register of Exercise Professionals

Reformer course - Lisa B Pilates academy for teachers

Springboard course - Lisa B Pilates academy for teachers

Emergency First Aid at work - Acute First Aid

Emergency paediatric first aid - Acute First Aid

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